This just doesn’t seem fair. If someone has done something wrong, they should pay for it, right? If you break something, fix it. If you stole something, return it, or pay restitution. What is this forgiveness business about anyway? How do I understand it? What does it look like?

I am learning that forgiveness is only a small part of an overall context of reconciliation, and that part of forgiveness and reconciliation is repentance or changing one’s mind. To accept God’s forgiveness I must change my mind from thinking this life is all about me, to this life is all about Christ and what He has done for me, and what I can now showcase of what He is doing through me. As I look to God’s Word for answers, I find that I am to forgive others as the Father who is in heaven has forgiven me (Ephesians 4:32). And how much has He forgiven me? He has removed all my transgressions (Colossians 2:13). How far has he removed them? As far as the East is from the West (Psalm 103:12). I should have a heart of forgiveness ready and able to forgive those who change their mind just as God has forgiven me as I have changed my mind about me being the center of the universe. That seems fair.

I love You God. I trust You God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank You God.