He Genuinely Cares about People

“Robin has been a very positive influence in my life. I feel that he genuinely cares about people. I think that’s pretty rare to find these days. I’ve gone through some challenging times and he’s always been there to support me and never fails to offer sound advice and wisdom from the scriptures. Robin is an extremely loving husband, father, and friend. Above all else, a man of God.” 


Authentic and Caring Spirit

“Applying Biblical teaching, I have found Robin to compassionately relate and encourage me in my Walk with God (as a prayer partner) and relationship with others. He does so with an authentic and caring spirit.” 


Meeting with a Friend

“It doesn’t feel like going to a counselor, it’s more like meeting with a friend. When I have gone to counseling before, it was about me fixing myself. With Robin, it’s about getting into the Bible and me learning to trust and depend on God.” 


Encourages from the Word

“Robin genuinely likes to encourage from the Word. It’s encouraging to see his kids and how they love the Lord. We’ve been sharing Bible verses (as accountability partners)  for a couple of years now, and that helps keep me in the Word.” 


He Puts Christ First in Everything

“I appreciate how thorough and thoughtful Robin is. I also appreciate his realness and practicality. Above all, I appreciate how he puts Christ first in everything. Biblical counseling is based on the Truth, the living Word of God. Regular counseling comes from man made ideas, which can change over time; And who’s to say that one man’s counseling is better or more right than another man’s? It’s very subjective. However, Biblical counseling is founded on a standard that never changes and isn’t swayed by new and interesting ideas or methods.” 

— Peter

Faithfulness, Genuine Care, and Concern

“Robin uses God’s Word to encourage, convict and to bless at our Bible study; he also challenges us to be active in one another’s and other people’s lives. I would recommend Robin because of his faithfulness, genuine care and concern for others for over the four years he has been an encouragement to me and our Bible study group.” 


He Loves His Family and He Loves the Lord

“Robin and I used to work together. He loves his family and he loves the Lord. I’ve seen his family go through trials and their trust in the Lord was a real testimony. I think those tests have prepared him well for encouraging people.” 

— Dan