I have come to find out that in looking through God’s Word and trying to understand the human condition, this word “heart” is used over 1,000 times and is one of the most significant words in all of Scripture. This is not the physical organ that pumps blood around our body. “Heart” refers to much, much more. It is the seat of our conceptions, our conscience, the center of our will, our thoughts, our intentions, desires, plans, and understanding. It is the center of feelings and emotions—joy, sorrow, happiness, sadness, and anger. It is the source of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. It is the center for physical, emotional, intellectual, and moral activities. Everything that makes us, us. This is what God searches. This is what God tests. This is what God will reward. He will give to each one according to his deeds (Jeremiah 17:10). If God understands and tests everything I ponder, plan, think, and do anyway, who am I fooling? If I trust my own emotional, intellectual, and moral activities, my own understanding and physical strength, and acknowledge my own ways, then according to God’s Word (Proverbs 3:5-6) I am fooling myself and anyone who comes in contact with me who does not see the sincere self-sacrificing love of Christ shining through. Ouch! Lord, forgive me for being so self-hearted. Help me to truly give my whole heart to You—trusting and acknowledging You with the fullness of my conceptions, intentions, emotions, physical life, desires, plans, and intellectual activities—with everything that makes me, me.

I love You God. I trust You God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank You God.