I think I may have looked at this word too lightly or I may have just assumed I understood the depth of this most pivotal word in my life. “REPENTANCE” I have been taught that repentance is turning 180° from a self-serving, negative course of action to the will of God clearly stated in His Word. While this is true, I am not sure if I have consistently repented in this way in my life. I may feel sorry, regret, and even guilt for breaching God’s commands, but have I truly repented? Do I have a 180° heart change? Have I truly embraced with my mind, emotions, intellect, actions, and will God’s directives for my life? I fear in some things I may have turned 170°, and that is 10° from where I should be. That 10° over time seems to somehow increase from 10° to 20° to 30° etc., pretty soon I am again faced with the consequences of my own self-serving, negative course of action. Grr… Why didn’t I turn 180° to begin with? Lord, forgive me for leaving 10°, help me truly repent 180° from my will to Your Will, from my way to Your Way. Make my heart like Yours. Help me truly see, understand, and embrace the repentance You desire.

I love You God. I trust You God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank You God.


Repentance 1

Repentance 2

Repentance 3

Repentance 4

Repentance 5